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RockHard Tools heavy-duty rebar cutters are uniquely designed with reinforced material to cut and bend reinforcement rods of any capacity. The cutters have a tapered shank body design for less weight when drilling and offer a unique flute geometry that quickly removes metal shavings and with much less vibration. These cutters should not be used for drilling concrete and are not warrantied for repair or replacement should they break or become damaged in poor use.
  1. Stop drilling when rebar is encountered.
  2. Load a rebar cutter of the same diameter as the hole in a 1/2” drill motor. 
  3. Remove the rotary rebar cutter after the rebar has been drilled completely through and finish drilling the hole with the rotary hammer and hammer bit.

Helpful Application Tips:

• Designed for use in standard 1/2” drill motor with 3-jaw chuck.

• Must be used in Rotation Mode Only: Percussion (hammer mode) will damage the tool.

• Low RPM’s best, use ample operator pressure, remove steel “slug” from hole or rebar cutter, dry-cut recommended.

• Sizes 7/8” through 1-3/4” have a 1/2” - 13 thread size; 2” and 2-1/2” have a 3/4” -10” thread size.

• Caution: Rebar Cutters are designed to be problem solvers. Hole performance can vary greatly depending on the application and how the rebar is encountered. They should not be used for drilling concrete. Rebar Cutters are not warrantied for repair or replacement.

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