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RockHardToolz extruded anchors do not turn in hole and easily cuts to desired lengths. Once ready, they securely fill cavities in the drill hole to create an excellent fit. These plastic anchors require smaller holes than metal anchors.


• Made from PVC.

• Expansion on the total surface and length of anchor.

• Three external fins prevent rotation.

• Profile ensures selfcentering of the screw.

• High tensile loads in concrete and solid brick.

• Anchor protects the screw against corrosion.


ECTA-1HF Yellow 1" in Frame
ECT-2HF White 3/4" in Frame
ECTA-3HF White 1" in Frame
ECT-4HF White 1-1/2" in Frame
ECTA-6HF Red 1" in Frame
ECTA-7HF Red 1-1/2" in Frame
ECTA-8HF Green 1" in Frame
ECTA-9HF Green 1-1/4" in Frame
ECTA-10HF Green 1-1/2" in Frame
ECT-11HF Green 2" in Frame
ECTA-12HF Blue 1" in Frame
ECTA-13HF Blue 1-1/2" in Frame
ECT-14HF Blue 2" in Frame
ECT-16HF Orange 1" in Frame
ECT-17HF Orange 1-1/2" in Frame
ECT-18HF Orange 2" in Frame
ECTA-19HF Orange 2-1/2" in Frame
ECT-20HF Grey 1-1/2" in Frame
ECT-21HF Grey 2" in Frame
ECTA-22HF Grey 2-1/2" in Frame
ECT-23HF Grey 3" in Frame
ECT-24HF Black 2-1/2" in Frame
ECT-25HF Black 3-1/2" in Frame
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