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Toolbox Essentials - Standard Screwdriver

by RockHard Toolz June 26, 2019

Toolbox Essentials - Standard Screwdriver

standard screwdriver



When it comes to household and professional purposes, screwdrivers are probably one of the common tools that we use. They come in a variety of sizes according to what you need and that is from tiny jeweler's standard screwdriver up and are designed to match the large variety of screws available.

We have been using this tool for a long time and do you know some facts about this tool that you are using? This article will give you a knowledge about standard  screwdriver and also tips on how to choose the best set for you.

There is no exact information that could say where the screwdrivers are created but some facts say that it has originated in either France or Germany in the late 15th century. It's original name was screwturner or turnscrew because of its basic function. But the earliest screwdrivers had pear-shaped wooden handles and were made for slotted screws. Before in the 15th century, screwdrivers were used for constructing screw-cutting lathes, for securing breastplates, helmets and backplates on medieval jousting armor. From then on, the evolution of screwdrivers have abruptly developed as the development of the industries around the world.


In 1908, a Canadian, P.L. Robertson, was the first person to successfully commercialize the screwdrivers. Although he was not the first person to patent the invention of socket-head screws. But from that time, socket screws rapidly grew in popularity and are still a useful tool today because of their resistance to wear and tear, and their ability to stop a power tool when set. Later on, Robertson was unwilling to relinquish his patents and as a result, his business experiences difficulties in competing with the newly growing auto industry.


Eventually, an American, Henry F. Phillips, patented his own invention that today is well known as Phillips screw. It was a version of a deep socket with a cruciform that still remains the most popular screw in the world. It's main attraction for the screw was that conventional standard screwdrivers are applicable on them.


In 1967, Camcar Textron, created Torx, the trademark for a type of screw head characterized by a six-point-star-shaped pattern. The screwdriver that we used on these type of screws is referred to as a star screwdriver. Torx screws are commonly used on motorcycles, bicycles, hard drives, and automobiles. Basically, they were used in applications requiring tamper-resistance, since the drive systems and screwdrivers were not readily available.


Today, there are a lot of varieties of screws  and screwdrivers available in the market today and the Phillips and Robertson screwdrivers remain the most popular. From minor household repairs, to major construction projects, the need for a good set of screwdrivers is important. If a screwdriver is not a good match with the screw size being used, it more likely that the screw will be damaged in the process of tightening or loosening it.


Standard screwdriver may be purchased individually but it is much better to purchase in sets. Your toolbox should contain all various sizes of flat or slotted screwdrivers, Phillips and Robertson screwdrivers. A set of precision screwdrivers and small cordless screwdriver with various bits are great tools to have also. In handling with small screws, some screwdriver tips are magnetic so that the screw will remain attached to the screwdriver.

For those who are starting out, a set of screwdrivers or a cordless screwdriver can prove to be an inexpensive but are very useful. Both men and women can make use of these tools for a variety of tasks from simply tightening existing screws around the house, repairing appliances, or working some home renovations. Having the right tools for a specific job is very important. Never use screwdrivers as substitute for heavy tools like levers or bars. Such practices can damage the tip or bend the screwdriver or might injure the user if the screwdriver fails. Remember that in everything you do, consider your safety first.


Tips in choosing the appropriate screwdriver bit set 


 For additional screwdriver bits you might have to look at trusted hardware store online and choose the bit appropriately. Accessories for screwdrivers include bits for drilling various kinds of materials like wood, glass, ceramic and masonry. Some screwdriver bit sets can also be used for both cordless as wells as screwdrivers which come with cords. Here are a few tips to help you choose the appropriate screwdriver bits.


1. First it is very important to know what purpose you need the bit set. Bit sets come with various purposes and if you narrow down for which purpose you need it then it becomes easier.


2. Always go in for best quality. In choosing your bit set make sure to buy your bit set from a good quality hardware store. These days you also get to see many online hardware stores which sell different screwdriver bits for an affordable price.


3. If possible make sure the same bran in your both s crewdriver bits and screwdriver. This will ensure that your screwdriver is never damaged by any cheap bit. And also the compatibility, durability and flexibility of both tools are maintained and matched. But this does not necessarily mean that you have to use the bits of the same brand always.


4. Check whether the bit sets fir correctly. If you have the bit sets with you then first check to ensure proper fitting. Refrain from using force to ascertain the bit fits your tool, or you might end up damaging your tool. 



6. Do a little bit of research. If you want a bit set for a specific purpose then search in the internet or ask someone who is expert for the best brand to use. 


7. Do a little window shopping - You can do a little window shopping online. On this way, you can save time and you can compare prices of the different hardwares. 


8. Make sure you use the screwdriver bits with caution and a manual - taking care of your tools will preserve your tools and at the same time serving you better and keeping you safe all the time.

You can find the exclusive tips and information about Screwdriver Bits at www.rockhardtools.myshopify.com/

RockHard Toolz
RockHard Toolz

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