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Makita XCS01Z Rebar Cutter Review

by RockHard Toolz July 04, 2019

Makita XCS01Z Rebar Cutter Review

Reinforcing bars, shorthand  rebars , are extremely durable structural steel components that are primarily used in construction where they provide the necessary structural integrity to concrete. As you can imagine cutting through the reinforcing bars can be  a very difficult task simply because they are designed to be heavy-duty and extremely durable. Fortunately for construction professional, there are highly specialized tools that make the cutting  rebars  relatively easier--and significantly safer to the acce pted alternative that is cutting with a torch. This is where rebar cutters come in. A rebar cutter, as its name suggests, is a tool used for cutting reinforcing bars.   

There are various types of rebar cutters; all of which work in a pretty similar fashion --users place a piece of rebar into the jaws of cutter then snap it shut to cut through the metal bar in the same way that wire cutters cuts through wires. There are manual rebar cutters and more robust rebar cutters in the form of power tools. As opposed  to manual units which relies heavily on the  users  brute strength, rebar cutters are far more effective and convenient--requiring only a power outlet or batteries.   

There are various makes and models of rebar cutters from different power tools manufacturer s. Outside of cutting, most of these power tools are also engineered to bend  rebars   as  construction  professionals would ultimately need to bend  rebars  to shape all sorts of concrete structures. As part of their ever growing line of power tools, Makita XCS 01Z rebar cutter has hit the scene is designed to cut rebar quickly and effectively in only a matter of seconds. Let’s take a closer look at the Makita XCS01Z.   

Specs Overview   

The Makita XCS01Z Rebar Cutter resembles a traditional drill that’s equipped  with a specialty cutter attachment. The Makita XCS01Z cuts rebar is practically the same way that electric bolt cutters work. Note that although it looks the part, the XCS01Z can’t actually be used a drill or driver. The cordless drill design was most lik ely utilized by Makita for the convenience and familiarity of its pistol-grip ergonomics.   


The Makita XCS01Z carries a bit of weight--coming in at 24.3  lbs  with battery and Makita added a handle on top to aid with gripping the tool with both arms. The Mak ita XCS01Z can cut rebar from 1/8″ – 3/4″ thick with a high-quality cutting blade that is capable of making up to 4,000 cuts before needing to be replaced. The Makita XCS01Z comes with a head that can rotate 360 degrees allowing for better tool flexibility  

The Makita XCS01Z Rebar Cutter--  

  • Features 1/8″ to 3/4″ cutting range  
  • Features 6.5 second cutting speed  
  • Cuts up to Grade 60 #6 sized rebar  
  • Features an adjustable stopper that holds the rebar at 90 degrees to the cutting blade and assists in smooth cutt ing  
  • Comes with high-quality cutting blades that can make up to 4,000 cuts before needing to be replaced  
  • Features a cutting head that rotates 360 degrees to accommodate cutting positions  
  • Features an ergonomic pistol grip handle with rubberized soft grip tha t provides increased comfort  
  • Sports an overall length of 16-1/5″  
  • Weighs 24.3  lbs , with battery  



While the Makita XCS01Z Rebar Cutter is not exactly cheap by any measure. It does save a lot of time, which in the hands of a construction profe ssional, is money. If you are  wokring  with rebar on a regular basis, then you might want to consider the Makita XCS01Z Rebar Cutter.   

For your money, you are getting a top-quality cutting unit that--sports high-end blades that Makita guarantees can make up to 4000 cuts before needing to be replaced, features a cutting head that rotates a full 360 degrees that makes cutting from any angle  possible, comes with  Makita’s  star  protection controls that extends tool-life and optimal  useability  by preventing overheating, overloading, and over discharging of the cutter when rebar cutter the is being used. Additionally, the Makita XCS01Z is design ed for maximum  useability , even in remote areas that lacks power sources since it runs on lithium batteries. Needless to say, the Makita XCS01Z separates itself from other rebar cutter as it is shaping up to be among the best rebar cutting solutions in the  market.  

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