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Makita XBP02Z Cordless Band Saw Review

by Jenny Mae Talaver October 20, 2020

Makita XBP02Z Cordless Band Saw Review

A band saw is one of the best investments you can make for your work. This powerhouse cutting tool is not only versatile but also heavy-duty. With this, you can work on a wide variety of materials from wood to metals. And make both straight and angular cuts. One of the best band saws we recommend is the Makita XBP02Z Cordless Band Saw.

With so many different band saws in the market today, how do you pick the right one? One sure-fire way to do so is to look at the brand who made the saw.

Find the brand with long-standing prominence and high-performing product lines.

One brand with longstanding trust and premium quality products is Makita.

Makita Corporation grew from an electric motor sales and repair company in 1915 to a global brand with satisfied users in over 40 countries. They are industry leaders in making power tools, with a particularly strong and innovative R&D team.

Makita’s much lauded innovations include:

Brushless Tool

Makita first developed brushless motor fastening tools in 2004 for the defense and aerospace industries. Engineered for extended run time, increased power and speed, and longer tool life, the Makita brushless motor was ideal for precision assembly applications. This technology was put into contractor tools in 2009 with the industry’s first 18V brushless motor impact driver.


Makita created the 18V Lithium-Ion category in 2005, and currently they have the world’s largest cordless tool line-up powered by an 18V slide-style battery. This 18V lineup provides workers with more power, longer run time and superior ergonomics.

Among Makita’s bestselling power tools is the Makita XBP02Z Cordless Band Saw. It is built for high work performance from its portable form, high-torque motor, variable speed up to 530 FPM, and protection circuit with built-in alert light.

About the Makita XBP02Z Band Saw

When it comes to power tools, Makita is a household name for its innovations in the industry. Their cordless tools, in particular, are renowned for their long-lasting high performance in all work conditions.

If you need convenience and efficiency in your band saw, Makita offers its XBP02Z cordless bandsaw. This is a fine power saw to invest in  for your workshop. This workhorse power tool is designed to work efficiently in heavy-duty tasks and large projects with the most advanced technology and sturdy materials. 

Powered by Makita's patented LXT technology, it lasts longer and charges faster than other cordless models in the market. It is also a versatile cutter, powered by a high-torque brushless motor that delivers a no load speed of 275 to 350 ft./min.

You can match your saw speeds with the material and task you are working on easily with the 6-setting variable speed control dial. It ensures the high cutting capacity of this Makita band saw. With the Makita XBP02Z, you can cut a wide range of materials such as metal, pipes, sheet metal, conduit, corrugated and square tubing, industrial pallets,   rebar, unistrut, channel, fence posts and more.

The Makita XBP02Z Cordless Portable Band Saw is also made to be safe to use for workers of all skillsets. Its safety features include a trigger switch with a lock-off feature, a protection circuit with alerts on excess torque, strong form with rubber bumpers, adjustable stopper plate, adjustable foot, rubberized soft grip, and a LED work.

Features of the Makita XBP02Z

Versatile Cutting Capacity

The Makita XBP02Z Band Saw offers versatile cutting capacities for a wide range of materials. The band saw cuts both hard and soft materials at 4 3/4 inch capacity, powered by a brushless motor on speeds up to 275-530 feet/min.

You can change cutting speeds to fit the material and tasks you work on through this saw's 6-setting variable speed dial. This ensures that the LXT-run battery power is optimized to handle different tasks relatively, with a streamlined run time and less wear and tear on the tool

With this, you can work on your saw longer and use it in more applications - even heavy-duty tasks.

Long Battery Life

The Makita XBP02Z Cordless Band Saw is equipped with an 18-Volt LXT Lithium-Ion 5.0Ah battery. This battery lasts 65% longer and charges faster (45 minutes or less) than those of other cordless drill models. It works with an integrated L.E.D. battery charge level indicator that helps you monitor the battery levels of the tool. 

Its Rapid Optimum Charger communicates with the battery’s built-in chip throughout the charging process to optimize battery life by actively controlling current, voltage and temperature. It also works with a built-in fan to cool the battery for faster, more efficient charging.

Clear Work Light

Makita also included in the XBP02Z a L.E.D. light to illuminates the work area for more accurate outputs. This helps you see your work line and cutting live in all work conditions, particularly in dark or dim sites.

Safety Features

The Makita XBP02Z is also designed to be safe for all workers, regardless of skillset. Its steel body is exceptionally durable and it is made with thick rubber bumpers to resist damage upon impact. Its other parts are also rubberized to ensure user comfort.

It also comes with a Trigger Switch with lock-off feature that works like a gun safety lock. This reduces accidental starts. Then it has an Adjustable foot protects material and provides positive support for accurate cuts. Most importantly, it comes equipped with Star Protection Computer Controls, a protection circuit with built-in alert light that protects the Makita XBP02Z Band Saw against overloading, over-discharging and over-heating.

It also boasts the following specs:

  • UPC: 088381672047
  • Blade Length: 32-7/8"
  • Cutting Capacity (rectangular workpiece): 4-3/4" x 4-3/4"
  • No Load Speed (ft./min., var. speed): 275 - 530 ft./min.
  • Battery: 18V LXT Lithium-Ion
  • Main Handle Type: D-Handle
  • Assembled Depth (in.): 20.625"
  • Assembled Height (in.): 12.375"
  • Assembled Width (in.): 9.125"
  • Net Weight: 14.3 lbs
  • 3-year warranty on tool and 1-year warranty on battery


  • Ergonomically designed
  • Variable speed
  • Built-in LED work light
  • high-torque motor
  • Made to be safe and easy to handle
  • Provides less fatigue
  • Heavy-duty


  • not for one-handed use
  • Expensive


Makita is one of the industry leaders in making power tools. They are in fact, the first manufacturer of cordless power tools. These Makita tools work more efficiently and last longer than similar tools of other brands. Due to this, workers worldwide trust Makita for tools to use in their workshops and jobsites for over 100 years now.

Among Makita’s bestselling and well-reviewed power tools is the Makita XBP02Z Cordless Portable Band Saw. This is a solid power saw that you can depend on for refined outputs and long-lasting work life.

This Makita band saw is a strong, portable cutting tool that lasts longer and works more efficiency that other models. It is made with Makita's standard of quality honed through 100 years of experience in the power tools industry.

It cuts a wide variety of materials and even handle tough tasks and harsh work conditions. This can be your heavy-duty partner in the job site.

Some of the things to like in this band saw are ergonomic design, variable speed, high-torque motor and clear LED work light. However some complained that it is not for one-handed use and very expensive.

Still, the Makita XBP02Z is a solid band saw to invest in. It's versatile, runs with long battery life and made with safety features. If you need a heavy-duty power saw to tackle everything from wood to rebars, get the Makita XBP02Z Cordless Band Saw.

To learn about band saws and other tools of the trade for DIYers and professionals alike, go to Rockhard Tools. We offer you everything from product reviews to how-to guides. Rockhard Tools provides top quality masonry drill bits, jobber twist drill bits, anchors and fastening systems, hacksaw blades, jig saw blades and more.

Jenny Mae Talaver
Jenny Mae Talaver

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