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DEWALT DCS374B Band Saw Review

by Jenny Mae Talaver July 28, 2020

DEWALT DCS374B Band Saw Review

If you work as a tradesman, woodworker or furniture maker, chances are you have a band saw in your workshop. If not, then you are missing out on this powerful tool. This powerhouse cutter can work on a wide variety of materials from wood to metal. It gets its efficiency from a long ribbon-like blade stretched between two or more wheels. If you need a high performing band saw, I highly recommend you get the  DEWALT DCS374B 20V Max Deep Cut Band Saw.

There are many band saws in the market today. With so much choices, how can you choose the right one? Well, one of the ways you can find your ideal band saw is by looking at the brand.

Find the brand with long-standing prominence and high-performing product lines.

One such premium brand is DEWALT.  DEWALT is one of the oldest and strongest household names in the power tool industry since Raymond DeWalt founded it in 1924 in Pennsylvania.

DeWalt has received several accolades for its work, particularly in its award-winning high-performance power tools. Since 1924, DEWALT designs and optimize professional tools to help workers work most productively in all jobsite conditions. They have the GUARANTEED TOUGH® seal of confidence.

About the DEWALT DCS374B

Dewalt, since time immemorial, has delivered high-performing tools for workers worldwide. The DEWALT DCS374B Portable Band Saw is no exception to the standard-setting quality of the Dewalt brand. This is one of the bestsellers in the band saws market.

The  DEWALT DCS374B is a seamless cutting tool powered by a 20-V MAX* Brushless motor. This brushless motor offers max torque for the band saw. It also offers superior cutting power - up to 5 in. x 4-3/4 in. rectangular material and up to 4 in. round material.

It is very simple to use, particularly because of its helpful features. Take advantage of its LED work light, integrated hang hook, and variable speed trigger.

Features of the DEWALT DCS374B

High Cutting Capacity

This is a versatile band saw. You can cut anything from wood to plastics with this. Easy to handle, you can work either one-handed or with bith hands. It yields clean, straight, smooth cuts without vibrations.

It's best in cutting plastic and metal pipes.

Strong Blades

The Dewalt DCS374B is equipped with topnotch band saw blades. With 14 Teeth Per Inch, it is made with cobalt and steel for optimum heat and wear resistance. It also is designed with Rc 65-67 Tooth Hardness for wear resistance and an Alloy Steel Backer for fatigue resistance.

Variable Speed

Work on different tasks and materials with this band saw's variable speed trigger. This enables you to choose and control the blade speed on the go. No more hassle with complicated controls. This makes work easier, faster and more efficient.

LED lighting

One of the best features you can enjoy in this Dewalt band saw is its LED light. With a 20-second delay, it keeps your workspace luminous and bright at all times.

It also boasts the following specs:

  • Integrated hang hook for hang the saw without damaging the front handle or base
  • Tool less blade changing lever loosens blade tension
  • 20V 5Ah battery
  • Weight – 12.4 pounds
  • MAX CAPACITY (ROUND) -   4-3/4 IN
  • TOOL LENGTH: 20-3/4'' IN

What we liked about the DEWALT DCS374B

  • Built tough and sturdy
  • Accurate cutter
  • Simple to use
  • Variable speed
  • Clear LED work light
  • Comes with complete kit

What we disliked about the DEWALT DCS374B

  • Pricey
  • Battery life should last longer
  • Customer support is a bit slow


When it comes to power tools, Dewalt is an industry leader of innovation. It has served millions of workers worldwide with high performance tools since 1924.

The DEWALT DCS374B Portable Band Saw is one of the Top 10 bestselling band saws in Amazon and other retailers. With this, you get ease of portability and high cutting efficiency.

This band saw is a strong and and accurate cutter that is easy to store after use. You can use this one-handed or with both hands. It produces clean, smooth, straight cuts with no vibrations or debris flying during the operation. 

Other features you can take advantage of are toolless blade changes, variable speeds, and clear LED work light.

But as with any tool, this Dewalt band saw is not absolutely perfect. Some complaints include its battery life and Dewalt's slow customer support.

If you need a versatile and portable band saw for your work, get the Dewalt DCS374B. This will help you work more efficiently and on many different tasks. Trust in Dewalt's time-honored quality products. 

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Jenny Mae Talaver
Jenny Mae Talaver

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