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Choosing The Right Cutting Tool - Mentor and Guide

by RockHard Toolz June 26, 2019

Choosing The Right Cutting Tool - Mentor and Guide

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Cutting tools have always been every builder's partner since the start of the times. These tools have evolved into a variety of cutting tools with different specifications. And it has improved and with the different raw materials used to improve more the performance. Metal has been the first material to be used in making the cutting tools. It is perfect because of its physical properties that can be improved if combined with other type of metal.  


There are different types of cutting tools with a different purpose. They either have single pointed edge or a multi pointed edge. The multi-pointed edge cutting tools are basically used for milling and grinding. The single pointed edges are used for cutting and shaping the material. The material should be resist the overheating when used for long hours. The different types of cutting tools are glass cutting tools. metal cutting tools and leather cutting tools.

Metal Cutting Tools - the tools used for cutting metal must be very hard and can withstand heat and hardness of metals when used. Their purpose might be rough and these tools can easily be weary thus regular replacement or sharpening is applied. There are two types of uses for these cutting tools. First is in the industries such as for drilling purpose and the use of the metal tools at home.
Other types of Metal Cutting Tools:
1. Hacksaw Blades - these blades are used where there are no curves or bends. Thus the blades need to be hardened during the whole process.
2. Jigsaw blades - these bi-metal blades has a very fast speeding cutting edge and it makes them unbreakable. These cutting tools are also perfect for work where twisting and bending is required. 
3. Other tools include : Metal Cutting Saw Blades, Carbide Tipped Band Saw Blades, TCT Saw Blades and Diamonds Saw Blades. 
The saw blades are also used for the metal cutting tool. It also has other types which are as follows:
Band saw - It is made of metal and it works by rotating on two wheels. It has toothed edge at one side to cutting metals. It is also used for cutting curved or shaped cuts. 
  • Nibblers - it is a tool used for cutting metals and it has a linear blade which moves in the opposite direction. 
  • Shears - this include the power shears, bench shears, throatless and alligator shears.
  • Snips - this is one of the shears but it is perfect for cutting sheet metals. There are also other types of snips which have many purposes from that of the normal shears or snips.


These are some of the basic metal cutting tools that you need to know. These are generally used among workers around the world. If you want to know more about cutting tools you can visit Rockhard Toolswhich is one of the most trusted distributors of cutting tools. 

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RockHard Toolz

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